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Aroma Chimie engages a leading position as a producer of Livestock & Equine feed and supplements in the United Kingdom. We are directed by a strategy to produce products with essential nutrients & consistent quality for our customers. Aroma Chimie produces feeds & supplements globally for all major farming and equestrian markets under different brand names. Aroma Chimie is currently present & has agricultural footprints in 32 countries globally.

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Our Markets

It is important to know that our equine & livestock products are formulated & produced according to the animals’ home country ecological significance.


Aroma Chimie produces a wide range of Feeds and Supplement from Olympic sporting horses in dressage, eventing, show jumping to ponies, leisure, recreation and work horses. We offer innovative ingredients in our products to enhance the performance of horses.


Aroma Chimie manufactures concentrated and complete Feed for breeders, layers and broiler poultry. Our feeds are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of commercial & home poultry farming. Our intention is to reduce the length of growth period and raise the ratios.


Aroma Chimie produces cattle feeds and calf milk to enhance the yield level of farmers using optimum quality vitamins, wheat, corn, barley and other grains. Our focus is on non genetically engineered ingredients.


Aroma Chimie produces swine feeds in a variety of forms that contain sufficient energy, protein, mineral and supplements to increase the nutrient density of the diets. The products are designed for indoor & outdoor pig farming.

Explore Aroma Chimie around the world

Explore Aroma Chimie around the world

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