We believe concentrated feed is essential for poultry to reduce deficiency of vitamins and minerals. We now produce concentrated feed as compact as 1.25% which would transfer sufficient vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and energy to the poultry. Our associated farmers are facing high expenses as ever and with the supply of our nutritionally rich complete feed and concentrated feed we make sure that some of their cost reduction targets can will be achieved. Our range of feed initiate from the early days of pullets to the final deliveries to the super markets. Our team of experienced nutritionist are working of the hours to support the businesses of our customers.

Aroma Chimie concentrated feeds are formulated to supply sufficient vitamins and minerals from day old chicks to the last week of production.

Aroma Chimie 1.25% concentrates are destined for breeders and layers to increase efficiency and productivity.

Aroma Chimie 2.5% concentrates are designed for broilers to limit the weight and reduce the fat with controlling the immune system of poultry.

Aroma Chimie complete feeds focus on delivering non GMO ingredients to the farms and supply the significant amount of protein to all poultry.