Equine Feeds & Supplements

Aroma Chimie produces equine feed and supplements under “bifid” brand.

The supplements and feed nutrition of horses is now divided into supplemental categories

  • Proteins/Amino Acids
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Electrolytes/Minerals
  • Performance Enhancement/Recovery
  • Joint Disorder Prevention

Bifid biotin supplements contain, zinc, methionine and other nutrients for healthy hoof horns and hair which are Suitable for horses with hoof & coat problems. When a lot of sweat is produced by the horse, many minerals and vitamins are getting lost. Bifid Salt Shaker contains important electrolytes, vitamins and glucose, which ensure rapid regeneration so your horse is fit again quickly.

B-easy is developed for horses under extreme stress or ones that are overreacting in stressful situations. B-easy is a supplementary feed with high levels of magnesium sources and therefore has a stress-reducing results.

Our newly developed Vicomplex helps in Stressful situations such as transport, changing stables, changing feeds, vaccinations or climate changes and reduced feed intake increase the disparity between vitamin requirement and actual supply for each horse. Vicomplex contains vitamins A, E, C and B to prevent nutritional vitamin deficiency and to support immune system and the fertility in breeding horses, thus supporting the health of foals, sports horses and breeding horses.

We offer a wide range of liquid vitamins including our Triple R product which are designed to achieve fast results.

Our feed are produced in Muesli & Pellet mixes under “bifid”brand. The categories of our feeds are

  • Herb Mix
  • Country Mix
  • Sport Mix
  • Dressage Mix
  • Power Mix
  • Breed Mix
  • Foal Mix
Our Herb Mix is Oat-free feed mix with lucerne fibre suited to all hasty eaters. Also available in Pelleted feed concentrate for horses under medium strain. Our Sport Mix is Energy and nutrient-rich feed mix for all horses ideals for horses with high demands on the supply of minerals and vitamins. The dressage mix is Nutrient-rich feed mix to promote balanced muscular activity for all ages.The newly developed Power Mix is extremely hydrolysed maize flakes, Ideal for supplementing rations and comes in grain feed version. The Breed Mix & Foal Mix are high quality muesli with amino acids and trace elements. Our Foal and Breed Mix in particular contain extra components to balance the amino acids for intensive growth and to ensure optimum bone development.