Due to the increased pressure on animal performances, nutritional expertise is needed in all phases of the animal’s life. Our 1.25% concentrates contain all essential ingredients tailored to the animal’s life cycle Especially Young Animal Nutrition, which is by years of research and development evolved to a unique series of products which gives optimal support to young animals. The right nutrients at the right moment, with excellent know-how, that is what Aroma Chimie offers you.

Pre-Starter 1.25% concentrates

With our experience in young animal nutrition and depending on the availability of raw materials in your region, Aroma Chimie nutritional department formulates a specific adapted prestarter concentrate. This makes it possible to add the best ingredients in your prestarter feed and to make the difference immediately from the first feed intake.

Finished feed is incomplete in the absence of our supplemented vitamins and minerals 1.25% premix. Lack of sufficient amounts of trace elements or certain vitamins and additionally the availability of different nutrients in feedstuffs can be avoided by supplying our premixes  to poultry diets in order to achieve the sufficient level of vitamins and minerals and prevent birds from becoming malnourished.

Minerals are the inorganic elements are required to

  • Maintain critical life functions
  • Improve performance
  • Deliver additional benefits

A variety of minerals are involved in the formulation of poultry our premixes.