Concentrated Feeds

Our experience and continuous improvement enables us to produce high quality premixes with inclusion rates from 0.5% to 2.5%. These can be produced according to the specifications of each animal group, and according to the customer’s specifications.

For all animal groups, we are producing protein concentrates of high quality of which the composition is determined by the raw materials available and the needs of the animals. This composition is finalised according to the client’s needs and the advisory of the nutritional department. The inclusion ranges from 5% to 30% in total feed in order to have a well-balanced feed for optimal performing animals.

Our Concentrate feeds are intensely focused on one class of nutrients.

  • Energy concentrate
  • Protein concentrate
  • Minerals, vitamins

We offer a range of available concentrates for different poultry for instance, Chick concentrate (for birds between age 1 day and 6 weeks), Grower Concentrate (for birds between age 6weeks and 16 weeks), Layer concentrate (for chickens that are laying eggs), Broiler starter and finisher concentrate (for broiler chicken)

The Advantages of our Concentrate Feeds are

1.It is cheaper  2.It saves time  3.It reduces labour cost