Complete Feeds

In modern poultry farming, attention to the first days of life is critical to achieve the best possible performance later on. The growing period progressively decreases and the chick’s first days become more important. The limited digestible capacity during the breeding period requires a specific adapted diet.

High quality nutrients  feeds are provided by Aroma Chimie early in life to ensure the development of the bird’s intestinal tract, immunity, skeleton and organs. Due to scientific knowledge and years of research, we have the necessary experience to address the day-old chick management by offering our All-In complete feed.

This resulted in All-In pellets the unique breeding complement with high quality ingredients to ensure an optimal period by stimulating early feed intake and the development of the digestive and immune system.

Our primary concern when formulating a diet is to meet the poultry nutrient requirements. Therefore the nutrients are provided based on the amount of energy the chicken will consume and the proper balance of energy to other nutrients. During summer, feed consumption tends to decrease as environmental temperature increases, so protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals must be increased in the diet. In winter, the opposite is true. Birds eat more to maintain their body heat.

Our finished feeds include protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to comprise the most essential needs. Our different combinations of feed ingredients can be selected to formulate customised diets with the same nutrient composition,

Our daily finished feed provides protein to the poultry according to the below table.

For roasters (8 to 12 pounds, marketed at 3 to 5 months), our complete feed delivers

  • Aroma Chimie Broiler starter (20 to 23 % protein) 0 to 2 weeks
  • Aroma Chimie Pullet starter (20 to 22 % protein) 2 to 6 weeks
  • Aroma Chimie Pullet grower (16 to 18 % protein) 6 to 12 weeks
  • Aroma Chimie Broiler grower (19 to 20 % protein) 12 weeks, until the birds almost reach the desired weight. Starter and grower feeds can contain a coccidiostat.
  • Aroma Chimie Broiler finisher (15 to 18 % protein) or supplemented scratch grains (10 percent protein). This feed should be fed 7 to 10 days before slaughter because it contains no medication like Amprolium or a medication requiring no withdrawal time. These feeds also are high in energy and low in protein, so they will produce excessively fat birds when used longer than 2 weeks.