Broiler Premixes

Our Product range broilers by Aroma Chimie provides well-balanced diets which will help the animals to achieve the best cost effective performances. Aroma Chimie Broiler Concentrates are specialised in young animal nutrition, mineral feed, concentrated with premixes of high quality which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each poultry in each market.

Our Broiler Premixes deliver more than nutrition through the inclusion of feed additives. They can be added on top of a finished feed diet or can be provided within the mineral feed or premix diet.

Our field tests have proved that the below challenges can be improved.

  • Heat stress
  • Coccidiosis
  • Diarrhea
  • Salmonellosis
  • Mycotoxins

Potency of vitamins and trace minerals in our premixes are based on the customer’s requirement and our nutritionists include the micronutrients considering their analytical value so that desired amount can be delivered when mixed in the feed.

Selection of  our carrier and its percentage is important for formulating a quality premix. It is generally preferable to leave sufficient space for a carrier in order to minimise any sort of interactions between the active ingredients. Our carrier serve the functions as depicted below:

  • It should neutralise the electrostatic charges present in certain ingredients.

  • Chemically inert

  • Primarily have the density, particle shape and particle size compatible with other micro ingredients so as to prevent any demixing in the premix.

  • Water sequester from other raw materials thereby reducing water activity and improve stability of the premix.

  • Impart good flowability.