Innovative Nutrients

One of the unique selling points of bifid products are its formulas, exclusive innovative raw materials, research and field tests and customer care & satisfaction.

Our formulas are designed specifically to match the destination region environmental aspects. Each region or country in the world has a unique agricultural condition which means that if the main diet of the horse in Europe comes from hay the nutrition levels will be completely different to what is produced in America. To tackle this issue, we as one of the few companies in this industry have specifically gathered local practical and academic knowledge and re-designed our products to match the nutrition levels of the existing agricultural products in the destination countries.


A physical presence of our team in the United States can avoid the other companies competing with our productions. Most of our competitors in this industry use the distribution channels as their only sales strategy when it comes to foreign countries. Setting up a new office and managing own team usually takes a very high proportion of the budget or cash flow and for this reason most competitors choose to work with their representatives. The benefit of a physical office in the USA assures the customers that their supplier is present locally and can be available in critical times.

The main insurance for our products is our field tests. If we can prove that our products are likeable by our horses and also work according to the application then our customers can no longer choose any of our competitors over us. We already have our own animals under field tests and gladly the results are strongly positive. The speciality of our products is also exclusive consumption of innovative raw materials used and mixed in our formulas to avoid any competition. Our research and development will always be ahead in order to obtain latest technology and innovations and implement the ideas on our products.

We are based in the UK and have great access to raw material availability from the European manufacturers. This is one of our keys to success in most part of the world. The main ingredients of supplement and feeds are vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, proteins and electrolytes. The greatest quality of these raw materials are produced in Europe and gives us the chance to have access to them when required.