Supplying minerals

The scale of Aroma Chime supply chain means we can make a significant contribution to raising social and environmental standards in the world of economics.

As a major supplier producer of mineral, agricultural, petroleum and chemical materials, Aroma Chimie plays a significant role in economies all over the world. Providing efficient and reliable materials to our manufacturers is key to our success and reputation in the industry.

The petroleum and chemical industry is faced with volatile costs, caused by environmental, political, geographical events worldwide. Aroma Chimie’s intelligent supply chain planning & optimization strategies enables our trader, end user, manufacturer partner companies to increase throughput and yield, reduce the consumption of energy, reduce inventory and improve customer service throughout their businesses. Our integrated supply chain management team has overcome these challenges and optimizes achieving operational excellence and the overall objective of maximizing return on capital while ensuring safety and sustainability.

We have implemented a grade control system across our entire mining supply chain strategy. This is critical for us to ensure optimal resource utilization and minimizing any quality problems. This system enables our materials quality tracking, blend planning, and blend optimization to deliver on-specification material to customers without incurring contractual issues. We credit consistency in the quality of our material as our major success.
We firmly believe that our long-term growth is linked directly to our wider commitment to our employees. As the leader in all major mineral and petroleum material markets around the world, with an industrial presence in 26 countries spanning four continents, we believe we have a responsibility to drive sustainability in our industry.

Our responsible supply program is fundamental to this aim and forms a key part of our supply chain strategy. The scale of Aroma Chimie supply chain means we can make a significant contribution to raising social and environmental standards in our supply chain, which will have a wider impact on producing new products within the industries. We do this through a collaborative process of market evaluations, including the integration of responsible industry criteria in our annual feedback performance monitoring system.

Our production structure has three levels in contracting projects: Global, Regional and Local. Global projects include all categories where the factory, farm or the mine is capable of production and operation on a global level – for example, large scale mines. We have a number of regional factory platforms, which ensure that our regional production activities are as efficient as possible. The local level uses global or regional workforce and generates more recruitment from our local partners.

Our shipping and logistics service supports our industrial operations, and is an integral part of our entire supply chain, helping to deliver raw materials to our plants around the world to ensure our partners provide the final products to the end users on time. We aim to offer a competitive advantage by generating value for our plants and excellent customer service for all clients.