Our Blown Bitumen or Oxidized Bitumen is made by modification of rheological properties by reaction with air at elevated temperatures. Oxidized bitumen has a penetration index (Ip) > +2.0. We produce nine grades of Blown Bitumen to our customers in Europe to manufacture membranes, shingles, roofing applications and HMA binders. This product can be used as a replacement of Bitumen or a major binder for Bitumen. We offer Blown Bitumen in different packaging and deliver in PP, Jumbo and Craft bags. These products are also available in cylindrical craft, drums and tankers.

Blowing air through the bitumen mix gives it higher viscosity and greater resistance to softening (particularly for road applications), and secondary processes involving specially developed additives or emulsifying with water. Large asphalt manufacturers such as AMMANN Group nowadays use these additives in their production to achieve a greater performance for the final result. Oxidized bitumen which was used in a mix on the 1.4km long Avonmouth Bridge on the M5 motorway near the city of Bristol, south-west England, the highway’s most important crossing, carrying some 120,000 vehicles/day high over the River Avon. The bridge has 400m of central sections and 17 approach spans (ten to the north, seven to the south) in reinforced concrete.

We produce oxidized bitumen for most membrane manufactures in Europe and the USA. In Italy alone we supplied 33,000 tonnes of oxidized bitumen in 2014 for manufacturing membrane for roofing applications.