Petroleum & Petrochemical – Waxes

We supply wax products for a wide variety of applications. These include adhesives, bitumen modification, construction board, cosmetics, industrial applications, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals and polymer processing for rubber and tyres. Candle manufacturers also form a major market for our waxes, while some of our co-products are used in applications as diverse as oil and gas drilling muds.

Industrial waxes are mainly used by our customers for the below applications.

Paint and Varnish Removers, Inks & Road Marking Paint

PVC Manufacturing, APP and APO Products

K-TAC, Baymel, and Numel

Barrier Coating and Board Sizing

Batteries, Electrical and Electronic Applications

Bottle Cap Liner, Caulking Compound & Fabric Finishing

Food industry, Chewing Gum Base, Vine Grafting

Cosmetics (General), Pharmaceuticals, Physiotherapy & Dental Wax

Explosives, Corrosion Inhibitor & Rodenticides

Matches, Crayons & Drink Cups

Fire logs, Insulating Wax & Stop-Off Wax for Etching

Floor Polishes, Shoe Polishes, Leather Treating & Metal Coatings

Investment Casting & Toilet Bowl Gaskets

Skiing And Surfing Material

Textile Treatment & Tissue Embedding

  • Use of additives to enhance performance (except for mottling and palm waxes)
  • Able to accommodate higher fragrance loads
  • Excellent burn and mould release properties Uses of paraffin
  • ‘’Hot-Melt” adhesives
High Speed machineries have now been designed to use waxes in the manufacturing of shoes, packaging, furniture, nappy and cigarette industries.


More than 10,000 tones of our paraffin waxes in 2015 were sold in Europe to be used in different kinds of food packaging, wrapping foodstuffs, coatings for moisture protection purposes and producing gum base. Our consumers also used waxes on citrus and other fruit to improve moisture retention, extending its life and freshness and providing shine.



The agriculture industry is also one of our consumer markets; paraffin waxes and special mixtures are used as anti-caking additives to simplify the handling, transport and dosing of fertilisers.

We proudly supplied more than 20,000 tones of paraffin wax and petroleum jelly to our partners in the cosmetic industry last year. Our products were consumed by cosmetics industry well-known brands in the UK and the rest of the world as main ingredients for the production of lotions, pastes, creams and lipsticks.