We supply Rubber process oils (RPOs), and Base oils which are mainly used by our customers to produce many products from rubber lubricants to a toy to the giant tyres for various vehicles. RPOs mix to help in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during further processing. Extender oil by swelling the polymer and by providing lubricants between rubber molecules softens the stiff rubbery polymers. By adding extender oils the molecular weight, solvency and viscosity of the base polymers can be varied & because of oil content more additional ingredients can be blended.

  • Versatile range to adjust solvency and compatibility to your rubber mix
  • Reduce the viscosity of rubber compounds
  • Facilitate rubber processing steps
  • Enhance mechanical properties
  • Optimize formulation costs
  • Improve low-temperature performance
  • Improve braking efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Dedicated range already used by the top ten tire manufacturers

The primary plasticizers in PVC leather cloth manufacturing are costly; rubber process oils may be used as secondary plasticizers to reduce cost. In 2014 our costumers experienced a 30% growth in savings by adding more ingredients such as RPOs their process. RPOs are also primary materials for the manufacturing of tyres; we are one of the main RPO suppliers to many car manufacture partners who produce long-life tyres for every day vehicles.

Base oil is used by our customer as the base input oil product used in manufacturing of lubricants such as gear Oil, motor Oil, hydraulic oil, greases and other lubricants for consumer and commercial purposes.

We produce thousands of litres of bas oils to many distinguished lubricant manufacturers, additive manufacturers, and equipment manufacturers. We also work closely with industry groups including the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee, and the Society of Automotive Engineers, to enhance industry standards that protect engine performance while enabling environmental compliance for new engine designs.