Gilsonite or Natural Bitumen is mainly used as an additive in asphalt and road paving, oil and gas drilling fluids, inks and paint manufacturing and also in the foundry sector.

Gilsonite is a well-known additive as a Hot Mixed Asphalt binder modifier; the unique properties of Gilsonite make a road that is less susceptible to temperatures and deformation performance issues. The Gilsonite-modified asphalt binder will produce a stronger road that can be thinner by nearly 20% compared with other pavements.

We offer a wide range of Gilsonite grades for different industries. Our products are offered in different forms depending on your request. We produce Gilsonite from mesh size 30 to 200. All types of our products are available in the forms of lumps, powder and pellets. Our Gilsonite grades are selected depending on applications.

The dosage we recommend is to be 5-10% per tonne mix, and the hot mix plant does not have to be modified.

It maintains the PG grading of the bitumen used and in some cases it can enhance the low temperature flexibility of bitumen while improving cohesive strength of the bitumen and thereby reduces rutting and moisture sensitivity of the mix and in the final pavement.

The naturally occurring product has been proved to improve the adhesion between the aggregate and the bitumen and thereby prolong the service life of the road and reduce the maintenance needed during its lifetime.

Gilsonite has been used in many projects worldwide such as in the mixture for resurfacing the A25 Autobahn in Germany. The main advantages of using Gilsonite over polymer additives in the project in Germany was;

It is an environmentally friendly natural additive

It is affordable and leaves a great saving on materials

It offers the elasticity benefits as all polymers

It improves compaction and reduces emissions

Since the previous financial crisis in Europe, manufacturers and contractors have shifted towards using alternative additives in the oil and gas, construction and printing industries. In 2014 alone we produced 700,000 tonnes of Gilosnite to our customers worldwide. Most of our customers use Gilsonite as the most reliable and efficient replacement to all polymeric additives.